Jul 242010

Today I went and visited my friend Chris, his wife Krista, and two sons Aiden and Ryder.  Aiden is only 1 and half or so, and Ryder is only 11 weeks.  We hasn’t seen them since Ryder was born, so it was a good chance to visit the new addition to the Wilper clan.

Chris and Krista bought a new house last year further up the mountain from their old house in Coal Creek Canyon.  This time they upsized to a bigger house and an 8 acre lot that included the peak of a small mountain!  While we were there we went with Chris for his first visit to the peak.  HE always figured it would have a great view, and hoped to be able to see downtown Denver.

After a quick climb (20-30 minutes) we reached the peak.  Yes it had a great view, and yes you could see not only downtown Denver, and even downtown Boulder!:



After getting slightly lost on the way back down, we made our way out to the road that leads to his house.   A short walk up down the road found us back at his house.

Since they have such a fantastic view from their back patio,  I figured it would be a good place to setup the tripod and camera to grab some time lapse shots while we were eating dinner.

I wasn’t too sure how this would turn out as it was pointing into the sun, and I’m still trying to get the exposures correct as it start to get dark, not to mention trying to keep lens flares to a minimum.

After a little touch up, I found that the balance came out well, and the lens flare made for a cool effect to the sun!:

Thanks Chris a Krista for a fun evening hanging out with you guys!