Apr 192010


A couple months ago our Founder and CTO decided he going to move on with the daily operations of the company.  As he’s the founder, he still has a stake in the company and is still on the board but this meant that he also vacated the corner office of our building.  It sat vacant for a while but as luck would have it my team was in need of a little bit larger room for us to operate in.  So…we got the office.  Now I sit in the exact spot that he did (my desk in the middle in the pic) with the my other 2 mates.  Yeah, we get a lot of jealousy driven comments, but they also understand that we bust our ass here, and figure we deserve this treatment at least a little bit.  I had a view before facing east but it has not doubled as we now have a wraparound East to West.

Guess that means I need to keep bustin’ butt over here.

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  1. Wow! What a great picture! You lucky!