Jul 232010

I recently bought a couple Hibiscus to add some color to our patio. Once of them was similar to another I had in the past the blooms great big 10”-12” flowers.  This was was different though as the foliage on it was dark maroon/red colored.  After a couple week of having some bud that looked like that were ready to bloom, I noticed that all of a sudden one of the buds had made an about face while the others still pointed upwards.  But the time the sun had seta couple inches of a flower was sticking out of the end of that bud.  Figuring what was about to transpire, I quickly grabbed my camera, set it up, got the timer setup, and started firing away.   By morning I had a huge flower open wide up and prayed I had captured a good set.

Well here it is, you be the judge:

We’ve since had 304 more flowers since this first night.  Each flower lasts 2-3 days before it shrivels and falls off makinf way for the next.  One day we had two at one, made for a good challenge for that stalk to stay up strait.

Camera: Canon D90 w/ 18-105 lens
10 seconds exposures on 30 intervals
Date: July 15th, 2010