Aug 032010

After a couple experiences with some of the adult versions of these tearing up my pond and eating my fish to the tune of a few hundred dollars, I’m still holding quite the grudge against them.  I know their just trying to make a living and survive, and I feel for that, but they’ve unfortunately have grown way too comfortable in neighborhoods and around the human population.  Yeah, you can make the “We encroached on them” argument, but it doesn’t change the fact that they’ve built a reputation as a pest because of their persistent, destructive manner.

Either way, I can’t think off the top of my head any animal that doesn’t look cute when their age is measured in weeks.  This little guy is doing wonder for their reputation in my eyes:

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  One Response to “OK, they are cute some of the time…”

  1. Dan Daru can sometimes be (often is?) an asshole… He’s there to interview the Heels on Wheels founder and he (and his entire crew) instead focus on the raccoon! I get it, it’s cute, but the Heels on Wheels folks should have been the focus.