Apr 162011

Click to enlargeToday, Karen and I loaded up the bikes and headed over to White Ranch. We’d never been there before and hadn’t really looked up many reviews or suggestions about the place or how to ride it. Before heading out we checked the map and decided to just do the outside ring of the trail system.  I figure “Hey let’s just take all rights and we can keep from getting lost amongst all the trails and get a good 15 miler in”.  BIG MISTAKE!

The initial rolling climb up was nice. It overlooks some beautiful houses, and great views looking east.  When we got to the first fork, to the right we went as we had planned.  Up, down, and around we went, until we came to a spot where it headed down into the valley below.  It looked steep…FUN!

Click to enlargeIt was sure steep alright, we descended 160 feet in just a tenth of a mile.   The problem here was that the climb back up was just as steep, if not steeper in most spot, with large steps every 50 feet or less.  We basically hiked our bikes up 90% of the way 800 feet in just 1.6 miles.  Once we reached the top, the trail got quite nice…we were actually able to stay on our bike’s for more than a couple minutes!

Once we got to the West parking lot, we checked the map and found our way back via Sawmill and down Belcher Hill trails.  While we were blazing down this nice wide open trail, I realized that this is the way we SHOULD have come up!  It took us an hour and a half to do the first half and probably less than 30 minutes to do the second.  Not exactly what I had in mind for today’s ride, but we certainly got a workout out of it.

All in all we kept in good spirits, and it was fun just being outside with each other enjoying the nice weather! 


We’ll have to do this one again for sure.  Great area and fun trails, provided you do them right!