Sep 202009

Good day on the trails today!  I joined up with some of the fellas from and headed up to Empire to run Bill Moore Lake Trail and Mill Creek Trail.

The drive up was was an uncommonly windy one.  If you know what it’s like driving Hwy 93 on a windy day, it’s always a adventure, especially when your vehicle isn’t exactly ‘aerodynamic’ in any fashion.  I Can’t imagine what truckers have to put up with.

After meeting up with everyone at Starbucks we headed out with me leading.  Apparently I was the only one with at least recent experience of Bill Moore and the area, and had a CB.

The trail was pretty good no issues all the way up the trail.  We got ourselves warmed up with the little bypass-esque section that has you getting real tippy toward the drivers side as you pass a large rock at door level on driver side.  After that we had a good easy going time with some nice flexy spots here and there as we made our way to the lake

Just before the lake the is a HUGE rock sitting in the middle of a large cleared out area.  I instantly planned to have that as my first priority after we left the lake.  Once at the lake, the guys made good use of ‘Poser Rock’ while we stopped and had lunch.

After getting a snack, and when we were done standing in the cold wind, we mounted up and headed out…I had an appointment with a big ‘ol rock.  This rock seemed to be a big hit for everyone, even those that just happened to be there watching.  I made a slow crawl up and over the rock, showing everyone that when you come off you’re most likely going to be smacking something on the rear of your vehicle.  I took a pretty good shot to my gas tank skid plate.

After the rest of the crew had their fun scaling this rock, we moved on back down to Mill Creek Trail.   A couple of the guys headed out to take care of over things, leaving 8 rigs.

Not far into the trail, Jim blew a tire, caught the sidewall on a rock and punctured it.  That’s one reason it helps to air down your tires.  Unfortunately, all he had was  a stock spare.  It wasn’t too bad since he only had 30s, but he sure need to be careful now.  After Jim was all setup, we moved on up a much better trail as far as actual rock crawling goes.  Lots more small obstacles and narrower trail.  AS we got to the top of the hill, one of the guys stopped, he had broken the frame side bolt on his upper right control arm.  It took a good 30-40 minutes, a new bolt, hammer, a sawzall, and some cussing to get him back in action.

Off we went down the really long hill to the bottom of Mill Creek, crossing the creek for a second time.  It seemed like we went down for a LONG time! before we hit the bottom.  As soon as we got to the bottom, a light rain started.  This was starting to make the trial a little more interesting as the terrain began to get slicker.  We had some great obstacles to get up and over on the way back to Bill Moore Trail.  There was also some REALLY great scenery of the changing aspens throughout the trail.

Certainly a good trail ride.  No catastrophic breaks, weather held up pretty good, and no complaints of my leadership.

Pics and Video: