Apr 012010

I have to tell you, that I am REALLY impressed with what my wife has accomplished with the challenge she put on herself on January 1st.  She completely stuck with a 90 program to change her habits in life, diet, and exercise to a ‘T’ and shed 17% of her body weight!  Good job babe!  Enjoy your triumph on your birthday weekend!

TheEnd_PhotoShootYa know, I think I won’t go get my pictures taken today after all. I am really tired. I think I will stay home and eat McDonald’s and watch movies instead…

*big grin*… 

I did it! I cannot believe I finished! The photo shoot is going to take all day so I took off work. And since tomorrow is my birthday I took that off too! This morning I feel ambitious so I am going to do one last pre-photo hike. Then I am getting my nails done. After that begins a long session at a studio in Denver. I somehow managed to find a photographer who specialized in taking photos of fitness models so hopefully he can provide some guidance. The session includes a whole ordeal including make up and hair and everything. I am so excited and nervous I couldn’t sleep! I am going to be treated like a model for a day! (And I mean that in a good way. He he he.) What a great birthday present! And best of all…

Starting: 157
Original Goal: 137
Revised Goal: 135
Final Weight: 130

The Long-Awaited Photo Shoot / Final Weigh-in
Karen Ramirez
Thu, 01 Apr 2010 10:35:50 GMT