Nov 112008

I have to report, and give my opinion on something that has shook me to the core.

During the recent election, Proposition 8 was passed to take away the legal recognition of a gay marriage in California.  I saw news of this yesterday.  I’m not gay, and as I’ve never really been either way for or against the sexual preference of others, I actually found it strange that I kept trying to figure out 1 question in the back of my head all day long yesterday: "Why would someone vote against gay marriage?".

Throughout the day I saw different videos on this subject, most of them showing people talking in a rather angry fashion about how gay marriage should not be allowed, but never saw any REAL justification coming out of the pitiful holes in their head.  These people just seem absolutely ignorant, disrespectful, and selfish to me.   Do they really think that this is how the modern world should operate?  Why do you think that you have the right to indiscriminately take the right away of entire population of people that just wants to be left alone to be happy?  I hope that a look at the rest of the people in the demographic that voted for does not show other such beliefs to be just as ignorant and self centered as this decision.

I also saw a clip that put a lump in my throat, which was immediately followed frustration and anger at those that would do this to another person. It was a short byte during a news report about the protests that have erupted over this decision.  It was a very sad looking guy choking out 1 sentence that will stick with me for a long time:  "I have never felt less like a human being".  It was hard to watch the look on this guy’s face, and I can’t get the image out of my head.

People who know me may be surprised that I would write a blog post such as this, let alone even take the time to even blog.  But I have lots of respect for those that can embrace true happiness. A trait which is all too often taken for granted and not see for what it really is to someone.  It’s like that old couple slowly making their way down the sidewalk.  He’s barely hobbling along with a slight limp with a look on his face of confusion at the world. She’s hunched over and confined to a walker and in an obvious struggle with pain in each step she takes.  I always catch myself at first taking the selfish road and thinking to myself "Gosh, I hope my health holds up the rest of my life so I don’t end up in that situation."  Just as I think that thought they look at each other with a look that nothing could possibly interrupt or distract them from, followed by a simple kiss and a smile of happiness that seems to raise the surrounding temperature a few degrees.  This to me is an example of TRUE HAPPINESS.  We should all be truly blessed to ever find happiness at this level.

It’s this same sort of happiness some possess with each other that will pull their families through what may be the worst chains of natural, economical, and war-time disasters our society or generation may ever face. To those of you who have voted for Proposition 8, YOU are taking this happiness away from people.  Who do you think you are that you think you have a legitimate reason to take this away from them?  Can someone fill me in on what that reason is?

What would you have to say about a mother and kids left behind one fateful day in September, 7 years ago?  If you could vote to give them back the happiness they’ll be missing with out a husband and father, would you do it?  Does that make you any different than those that took this happiness away from them?  You should be ashamed.

I was just married this June.  It made me happier than I ever dreamed it would have.  Yes, DREAMED.  For these people,  they are already struggling with the acceptance of the general population. You Prop 8 supporters continue to try to infect and disgust everyone else with that same lack of acceptance. The right to a legal marriage between 2 happy people is more than a dream, it’s about equality.  Think about what it would take for you to be in a position to "have never felt less like a human being".  Of all the causes you could possibly support in these tough times, you pick this?

I may not be the best writer to convey my feelings and opinions, so I end these thoughts with the words of Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment from last nights episode of Countdown.  This may be one of his best ever, and drives home a point that can be said no better than this:



To my best friend, love, and new wife Karen:  As we are both as happy we have ever been together, let’s forever strive to find a higher sense of happiness and never let anything or anyone stand in the way of it.  I Love You.  ‘To Blave.’

To all those that this has affected: keep fighting against this injustice, there are many of us out here that are behind you!